Pleated shades


True Miyagi is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarns. The delicate screen pattern gives this semi-transparent, matte shiny fabric a subtle graphic look and feel. The structure of the pattern becomes even more visible due to the zigzag of the pleat in combination with the diffused incoming light. True Miyagi is available in an expressive colour palette. By purchasing a product made of post-consumer recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester, you reduce your carbon footprint and thus contribute to a better world.


Saga Perla is a non-transparent crêpe which evenly and delicately filters the light. The fabric has excellent flame-retardant properties. Due to the pearl coating on the backside, this fabric optimally reflects light and keeps out heat. It makes this stylish pleated fabric suitable for both the residential and the contract market.


This jacquard-woven pleated fabric has a beautiful textile feel. Due to the block woven-pattern Iwate is characterized by its natural and sophisticated look. The combination of smooth and textured yarns gives the fabric a three-dimensional effect.


Oita Perla is a non-transparent taffeta with crush-effect and is versatile in many ways. The matte fabric resembles hand-made paper while its backside optimally reflects light and heat due to a pearl coating. In addition, the fabric is flame-retardant and therefore suitable for the residential as well as the contract market.


The characteristic blocks of pleated fabric Ibaraki are created by the means of a burn-out technique in combination with print. Combining two techniques, depth and a three-dimensional layered-effect is created. This semi-transparent fabric is a mix of polyester and viscose. Ibaraki is available in two neutral colours and one trendy colour.

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