Cellular shades


Semi-transparent cellular fabric True Daito FR is made of post-consumer recycled polyester and beautifully filters the incoming day light. On top of the sustainable benefits of this fabric, this fabric is flame-retardant according to the European B1 standard. Making this quality a truly unique product suitable for the residential as well as for the contract market. True Daito FR is also available as black-out fabric in nine timeless colours.


Semi-transparent fabric Kobe is the perfect choice when maximum functionality is required. Thanks to its cellular structure, the fabric has excellent insulating properties. The optic white back side ensures maximum heat and light reflection.


The frontside and backside of this so-called full-tone taffeta fabric have identical colours. The tightly-woven fabric in combination with the 25 mm cellular structure, makes that Nagoya has an insulating effect that contributes to energy savings throughout the year.


Joso is distinguished by its coarse linen look. This transparent fabric has a textured appearance and thermal qualities. The open structure diffuses the incoming light beautifully and is available in a palette of luxurious colours.


The insulating cellular structure combined with a reflecting white backside makes 100% black-out fabric Nara BO an essential article for every functional collection. The insulating quality of this non-woven fabric is enhanced by the silver coating on the inside of the cells. This single-cell variety is ideal for larger windows; even with larger dimensions the fabric folds into a thin stack.

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